Code of Ethics

Myungin Cosmetics is committed to respecting the laws and regulations of society and contributing to creating a
beautiful and healthy society by fulfilling its responsibilities and obligations as a member of society.

Our corporate ethics is based on “honesty” and “participation.” It serves as a standard and a norm for all employees’
consciousness and behavior.

We will be honest with you and ourselves.

We will pursue safe beauty, comply with all legal and professional ethics guidelines, and make the right decisions.
We will also be responsible for our own decisions and actions.


2018 ~ Now

– Development of more than 300 products (in progress)
– Online marketing enhancement
– Expansion of overseas export area (South America, the United States, Middle East)
– Renewal of global brand website
– Development of global online shopping platform
Exported US$ 5 Million


– Launch of 200 new products
– Became a member of Korea Trade Association
– Exported US$ 3 Million
– Export concentration in Central Asia market (Kazakhstan, Russia, Eastern Europe, etc.)

2015 ~ 2016

– Headquarters relocation (Seoul → Ilsan)
– Launch of color cosmetics
– Started exporting to Eastern Europe including Russia
– Exported US$ 1 Million
– 4 additional trademark registration


– Launch of 80 new products
– Exported to Mongolia and Central Asia
– Exported to the Unite States
– Partnership with major retailers (Lotte Department Store, Newcore Outlet, E-Mart, Lotte Mart, Tesco Home Plus, Kim’s Club, etc.)

March 2008 ~ 2013

– Company name changed to Myungin Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
– Launch of herbal cosmetics
– Farmstay brand registration
– Start of branding products

March 2007

– Established Jeininsa Trading Company


Logistics warehouse


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