Myungin Cosmetics, Global Online Store Now Open

Myungin Cosmetics, Global Online Store Now Open
September 19, 2019
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Myungin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. launches a global online store for cosmetics.

September 16th, 2019, FARMSTAY global online store is officially launched with the same name as Myungin’s representative brand ‘Farmstay’, a compound word of farm and stay, meaning that Myungin will provide their customers with the best, safest, reliable, and nature-friendly products.

FARMSTAY global online store is a one-stop shopping destination for all cosmetic brands made by Myungin Cosmetics: ‘Farmstay’, which has been loved by global customers as a cost-effective basic cosmetic over the past 10 years, ‘LaFerme’, which has been loved by people at 20s and 30s, and ‘DERMA CUBE’, which is now newly introduced by Myungin Cosmetics.

FARMSTAY online store offers domestic & international shipping from Korea to USA, Russia, and everywhere in the world. Mobile store is also available.

The general manager said, “We needed a place online where we could communicate with our customers, introduce better products by skipping the mid-distribution stage. We will communicate directly with our customers through our own online store and do our best to make safe and honest cosmetics for our customers.”

‘DERMA CUBE’, a functional cosmetic that is great for skin soothing and anti-trouble, will be launched soon on FARMSTAY global online store.

Source: Energy Economics-Master Cosmetics, Global Cosmetics Shopping Mall Open

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