Brand Story

Healthier skin day after day, FARMSTAY

Farmstay is a cosmetics brand that has been growing over the past 10 years, receiving a lot of love from home and abroad, including USA, Russia, India, and many more. Farmstay is a representative brand of Myungin Cosmetics., Co., Ltd. and produces cosmetics consisting of a variety of natural extracts to help make “healthy skin” and “outstanding natural beauty”.

A beauty brand that produces various cosmetics from basic cosmetics to functional cosmetics such as sunscreen, BB cream, mascara, color makeup, and hair care products using a variety of natural ingredients such as snail and collagen extracts.

Farmstay is concerned about making your skin healthy.
Farmstay will help you stand out for the beauty you have.
Farmstay will make safe products that you can trust and use.



Brand Launch


Number of products


International Expansion
(as of the 1st half of 2019)

52million sales

Cumulative sales volume

Brand Identity













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