Myungin Cosmetics, Global Online Store Now Open

Taiwan – Carrefour

Carrefour in Taiwan Carrefour display stand in Taiwan

Almaty Lena – Hayejin

Almaty Lena HAYEJIN Flagship Store Almaty Lena HAYEJIN Inside Store


Taiwan – Guangan Mart

Taiwan - Guangan Mart "Farmstay" shelf in Guangdong Mart in Taiwan

Nepal – Bishowjyoti Mall

Nepal Capital Kathmandu Bishowjyoti Mall Shop at ‘Farmstay’ The famous brand ‘Palm Stay’ will be launched in October 2018 at a shopping mall in Kathmandu, Nepal, […]

South Korea – Pierro Shopping

Pierro Shopping Shop in Myungdong, Korea Cosmetics brand (stock) Co., Ltd. has been put into a shop called “Piero Jingping Myeongdong”, a motif of Don Quixote […]

Russia – Golden Apple

Russia Golden Apple Shelf

Kazakhstan – Koreana LLP

Kazakhstan Koreana LLP

Cambodia – Aeon mall

Farmstay, a leading cosmetics brand, Cambodia’s largest shopping mall ‘Aeon Mall’ opened Meet farmstay products at the largest shopping mall in Aomon Mall in Cambodia.

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